Shruti N.

I saw Dr. Alam two weeks ago with severe disc issues. I have had back issues all my life. Dr. Alam assessed the situation and didn’t make any hasty decisions, unlike other doctors. His first instinct was to actually look at facts, study my report, look at my MRI, and most importantly ask me how I was feeling. He said my patients tell me how they feel, these are reports ink and paper, but you are the living person, you need to tell me how you are feeling. My surgery was scheduled in advance, however, I had to do emergency surgery. Dr. Alam gathered his entire staff within two days to get my surgery completed smoothly. I’m very well on my way to recovery and the whole experience, everything including the nursing staff to surgical coordination has been fantastic. If you are dealing with any kind of spinal issues, I highly recommend Dr. Alam. You will not find a better surgeon than him.