Robert S

I first met Dr. Burrough one year ago today. I literally could not walk without the aid of a cane plus grasping for additional support from a wall, counter, parking meter, car, etc. I thought I needed a shot in my lower spine to alleviate pain and stiffness and (I thought) problems with my legs coming from my lower back. Dr. Burrough correctly diagnosed the problem as cervical – which stunned me since I had no pain in my neck at all. After an MRI showing that the spinal cord was close to being severed in my neck, he referred me to his partner, Dr. Saville, and I had a cervical laminectomy which literally saved me from being a paraplegic. I have continued to see Dr. Burrough and his partner Liz Moore for the past year, and I cannot say enough good thinks about them. Both are very straightforward in talking to me about my condition, explaining things in terms I can easily understand, and discussing what next steps ought to be. I trust them completely and would immediately refer them to any family member or friend who was having a bac issue. I recommend them to anyone, without reservation. The office staff is very professional, courteous, and always very helpful.