Robert S

I first saw Dr. Burrough when my long-time Chiropractor told me he could not help my condition anymore and referred me to the pain management doctor he used himself: Dr. Brian Burrough. I made an appointment and met Dr. Burrough. I went to see him thinking that the source of my problem was my lower back. I was in a lot of pain, and had increasingly severe balance problems with loss of muscle control and strength in my legs. Dr. Burrough asked me several questions and then told me that while my lumbar region was very likely damaged, he thought my cervical spine was the root cause of my balance and strength problems. He ordered MRI’s of my neck and lower back on an emergency basis and saw me a day or two later – showing me graphically on the MRI where the nerves were not only compressed, but in real danger of being severed. That’s when he introduced me to Dr. Saville, and I have written a separate testimonial about how utterly fantastic he is. Since then, Dr. Burrough and his Nurse Practitioner, Liz Moore, have cared for me and managed my pain through two cervical surgeries and recovery periods. I still have lumbar spine issues which will be addressed (by Dr. Saville) in due course, but Dr. Burrough and Ms. Moore have cared for me each step of the way. They both discuss my situation with me in very practical and down to earth terms, yet they also very candidly discuss the very real issues of opioid dependency and the need to seek alternatives where appropriate. I very much respect the open and candid relationship they have fostered. They are open and honest with me, and take my concerns and questions very seriously. They are very thorough and take the time to listen to me. I have never felt rushed. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to family or friends without reservation.