Lisa S.

Dr. Robert Norton has literally changed my life!!!! I have been in chronic pain for over 20 years. I’d get epidurals, ablations, tried therapy numerous times , etc… I tried just about did everything and was treated by numerous surgeons and drs. -Dr. Norton was the first dr who said he could help me. I have had 3 surgeries in 2 years. One in my cervical spine and a 5 level fusion on my lumbar spine. I literally do not have any pain or residual side effects. I was losing feeling in my arms and legs and could barely walk or get out of bed sometimes. He has changed me!! I’m 6 weeks out of my last surgery and pain free. Walking 1-2 miles a day already and can’t wait til I can play tennis and anything else once again. I’m 52 and have always worked out or tried to. It has been difficult. I wish I met him 20 years ago. I broke my coccyx delivering my child. I also have stenosis, degenerative disc disease and arthritis throughout my spine and all I know is that every doctor would tell me how horrible my spine is but they’d say they didn’t want to do anything accept keep giving me more steroids which completely messed me up too. Now … I am off of all pain meds all muscle relaxers everything. He has truly made a miracle happen for me and given me my quality of life back to once again enjoy everything and to do everything I would like. I cannot say enough about Dr. Norton. He is literally my Hero!!