Larry K.

Dr. Norton operated on my wife. He removed excess bone from her spinal cord and relieved all pressure. She had no pain after the operation and no sense of tingling or weakness. He met with me after the procedure and took time to explain everything. Today we went to the office and met with Charlotte Vinton NP who reviewed the x-rays and told us all went great. My wife has no pain but needs to do PT at their offices so the doctor and Charlotte can observe her progress.

Charlotte was very professional and very upbeat during the examination and in her conversation with us about what occurred and what to expect going forward. She provided my wife with a positive view of what occurred and what to expect going forward.

Our entire family is very grateful for the medical services that Dr. Norton and Charlotte provided. As important was the time and effort they both took to advise us on everything. The entire team is to be commended on how well they treat their patients.