Karen C.

I had robotic spinal surgery 2/29/24 with Dr. Alam. After a fall 11 years ago missing a chair and landing on concrete as one man watched and exclaimed you will pay for that later. After seeing 5 orthopedic surgeons, and injections doing absolutely nothing, I was bone on bone from my sacral to all 5 lumbar, advancing over time to no cushion in any vertebrae. I am 70 years old & have exercised since my late teens and I was to the point of depression & pain. This is the only doctor who just took me seriously and got to the root of my feeling of being kicked by a boot in my back & expressed what to do from day one to get me back to living again. This was an intense 2-day surgery & now at 6 weeks I walk normally saving my spine. Recoup generally is 6 months to a year, but I’m ready now for outside PT. Dr Milan & his PT Marguerite were in the know with the latest & greatest pushing old school techniques away as others did knowing what to do after seeing my MRI, no more painful injections that did absolutely nothing. I want to be on the go at age 70 & maybe by September I will be back to my ballet barre again as the duddy ballerina but there in class. His bedside manner & genuine concern are real. I am thankful I found such a well-qualified & intelligent doctor after being pushed around for several years with no solution.