James S.

You will not need to search hard on the internet to discover how impressively gifted Dr. Alam is or how fortunate we are that he came to live in South Florida. He has headed prestigious positions in the field of orthopedic spine surgery and played an integral role in developing an award-winning highly precise robotic spinal surgery program (which I am currently benefiting from as you read this). What might be harder to discover amid his many accolades is how amazingly personable he is. There is no deficit in his empathy and genuine care. There was a bit of a maze of tasks to navigate with my other doctors and insurance just to finally get cleared for lumbar surgery but through it, I found that he is widely known and praised by many for his kindness, brilliance and skill. Also, don’t worry about that maze I just referred to, his assistant, Jodi, will work with you every step of that process. Add his very impressive PA, and you have a championship team. I’m only two weeks out of surgery and already feel much better than I did walking into the hospital. I have many months between now and a complete recovery but I can already see this procedure will dramatically change my quality of life for the better. Having chosen Dr. Alam is likely the best medical decision I’ve ever made.