Connie M.

I have never been so thrilled about the results from a doctor’s visit! I have been suffering with back pain for a very long time. In 2017, I had two separate spinal surgeries hoping for a relief of the pain. It did a lot of good, but it did not relieve the pain. Here it is 2022, and I finally realized the pain was coming from my SI joint on the left side. I told Dr. Auerbach on my first visit this is what I thought was the problem. They took x-rays, they confirmed my suspicion, and immediately took me to the operating room where the doctor gave me a shot in that SI joint. The results were immediate. I can get the shot every three months and I will do it because to be pain-free in my back, is the best gift anyone could ever give me! Thank you, Dr. Auerbach and your group!