Top Four Questions to Ask Your Surgeon About Spinal Fusion Surgery in South Florida

One of the best ways to feel prepared for any surgery is to get your questions answered by the pros. Here are some of the most common questions that people ask their doctors or surgeons
regarding spinal surgery.

1. Why are you recommending this surgery?

Spinal surgeries of any type are a huge medical decision, especially spinal fusions. It’s usually a lengthy, involved procedure, and it can be really intimidating to be in surgery and not know the details of the procedure that you’re going to have.

2. What would happen if I didn’t have the procedure done?

This is something to keep in mind and think about before any surgical procedure. This question will help you to envision what your life will be like without the surgery. Will it help your condition enough to warrant the procedure? Will your condition get worse if you don’t have the surgery? What’s the recovery like? Is it a potentially lengthy recovery, and is it a feasible option in your life at this point in time?

3. What does spinal fusion entail?

Your surgeon should be able to explain to you in accurate detail the surgery procedure that they want to perform. They should go over it step-by-step with you before they do the procedure. Hearing the doctor or surgeon explain the procedure to you will help you build trust in your doctor as well as make you feel empowered. You, as the patient, absolutely have the right to know any information about the procedure that’s being performed.

4. What is recovery like after the surgery?

Make 100% sure to keep recovery after the surgery in mind when planning details about the surgery. You’ll need help for a little while after surgery, so it’s a good time to see if anyone will be able to help you after the surgery.

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