The Importance of Finding a Pain Management Doctor with Great Bedside Manner

Having a pain management doctor with a great bedside manner is critical because you need to trust your doctor. Doctors who have a good bedside manner can build a much better rapport with their patients and provide better care. Also, patients who feel more comfortable with their attending doctor or caregiver are more likely to follow the treatment plan they set up, both in and out of the hospital.

Unfortunately, many people have had a doctor that had a bad bedside manner, and this is why there is a push in the healthcare setting for doctors to have a more genuine attitude towards patients and offer better care. The type of bedside manner you get as a patient will influence what you think about bedside manner in future visits.

To make this a positive experience for any patient that needs pain management, organizations, and healthcare facilities are doing all they can to ensure that their doctors are practicing good bedside manner techniques. This includes filling their physicians in the benefits of a good bedside manner.

Bedside manner plays a huge role in whether a patient decides to go back to the healthcare facility for other pain management services and future treatment. With an industry that is growing more competitive, healthcare facilities and hospitals can no longer allow bad bedside manner practices.

Understanding the Importance of Good Bedside Manner

In the healthcare industry, bedside manner is one of the most important aspects. Bedside manner is the interactions that healthcare providers and patients have. A negative and positive bedside manner can directly impact a patient’s ability to get healthy and have a better pain management experience. It will also impact how well the treatment plan goes. Also, healthcare professionals that have a good bedside manner can improve employee and team morale.

Because the entire healthcare industry is a collaborative environment, healthcare professionals will know right away if the patient is miserable or enjoying their stay. Having a patient that is pleasant, content, and enjoying their stay will help healthcare professionals enjoy their jobs more and feel more fulfilled.

Also, there are several benefits of providing a good bedside manner when it comes to pain management. We’ve touched on the best benefits for the healthcare provider, but now we’ll outline benefits for the patients too.

1. Improve Patient Outcomes

One of the biggest benefits of a good bedside manner is that it works to improve patient outcomes. Hospitals and healthcare organizations are doing everything they can to help improve the outcomes for their patients. This can mean implementing some new technology that can make care much more efficient, or it can mean utilizing new research that helps to speed up recovery times by introducing new care techniques. But, one of the best things about having a good bedside manner is that, sometimes, all it takes to improve a patient’s treatment outcome is the attitude and care they get from their attending providers.

It’s common for patients to feel overwhelmed when they’re setting up a new treatment plan if they’ve recently been diagnosed with a long-term condition. Sometimes, it can feel like they’re facing impossible odds by themselves. A word of encouragement or positive attitude from their attending physician who is doing good bedside manner can be the main component to increase the likelihood that they’ll make a comeback and improve their lifestyle.

2. Reduce Stress Levels

A patient’s stress level can be critical to whether or not they follow their treatment plan or how successful their set treatment plan will be. Sometimes, a patient can develop higher stress levels from a recent health condition or illness, or they can feel a distinct lack of support in the healthcare facility or organization. Over time, this stress level can keep mounting. In turn, this can cause them to have a negative outcome, and the patient’s care potential starts to go downhill.

Good bedside manner can reduce a patient’s stress levels and help them feel more comfortable as they’re navigating this challenging time. A patient who is much more comfortable with their immediate attending physician and nurses can get more comfortable and relax, and this can help them have a more positive experience.

3. Fosters a Positive Patient Experience

Generally speaking, a healthcare facility or hospital is the last place anyone wants to be. This means that most people are already in a bad mood when they get faced with the prospect of having to stay in a healthcare facility or hospital. Also, patients usually end up in an unfamiliar location, interact with people they’ve never met before, and get treatment or undergo things they know nothing or very little about.

When you compound this with the feeling that they’re not in the best shape due to the reason they’re at the facility, it’s easy to see why they’re not having a positive experience from day one. Having a positive bedside manner can help improve the general patient experience by helping them feel more comfortable. They will even be able to relax in their surroundings.

4. Promote Healing and Build Patient Trust

Another great benefit of a positive bedside manner is that it improves patient trust. As we touched on briefly, patients don’t always have face-to-face interactions with their attending physicians or nurses, and this can make them hesitate when they’re trying to take guidance or advice from someone they don’t know. Practicing a good bedside manner can improve the trust levels between patients and providers.

In turn, the patient will believe that the caregivers care about their care outcomes. As we touched on, it’s common for patients to feel like they’re dealing with everything by themselves, but it doesn’t have to be this way. A positive bedside manner is all it takes in some instances to help a patient feel much more comfortable with their caregiver and develop a rapport and trust that can be critical to their treatment plan.

5. Create a Fulfilling Career

The final benefit you can gain from having a good bedside manner is a fulfilling and rewarding career for the providers. Healthcare professionals who get along more easily with their patients usually enjoy their careers much more than those who don’t. The healthcare industry is a high-stress environment for their caregivers, and people who aren’t passionate about their careers can get overwhelmed by the industry’s expectations.

For the people who enjoy interacting with their patients, they can usually have a positive bedside manner come naturally to them. They find it easier to interact with their patients. In turn, they get more favorable reviews, find success throughout their careers, and work harder than their peers.

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